LOS ANGELES (January 11, 2022) – Very rarely can we pinpoint the exact moment revolutions are born and paradigms begin to shift, but one thing is for certain—this year’s SIMA 2022 Finalists are sure to ignite a flame. 

From protest-filled streets to burning forests; spanning 25 countries, from the United States to Myanmar—the SIMA 2022 Finalists give us unprecedented x-ray vision into the state of our contemporary world, pondering the depths of one question: Can we achieve the promise of a 21st century multicultural democracy and economy that works for everyone, or will a new world need to be rebuilt in its place?

“SIMA 2022 finalists are unapologetic in bringing us face-to-face with the daunting reality we are up against—systemic political, economic and cultural oppression in the midst of a global pandemic and ecological crisis—that they don’t just courageously expose, but capture through a most powerful lens, a lens that reminds us of our capacity to resist. The intimacy of this year’s filmmaking takes us to the heart of where that resistance happens, through the eyes of protagonists who lead their movements for justice and accountability with such infectious drive and vulnerability that continued action is bound to follow. Thank you to all the filmmakers for your courage to tell  these stories. We are honored to support and amplify your work.” — Daniela Kon Lieberberg SIMA Founder + CEO

Will we come together to face our most pressing global issues? How will we arrive there? If the SIMA 2022 Finalists are any indication, the power of storytelling may just be the path.

Storytelling has always been an effective medium for social change. It has the ability to capture hearts and minds and transform entire audiences into agents of change. With greater connectivity and access than ever before, people have higher expectations from creators and more skepticism of mass media. People are chanting for a change and a reimagining of traditional mediums like news broadcasting. Audiences want—and need—to see the world that lies beyond the borders of their mind and country. They want a way to engage in progress and a greater sense of community that moves beyond pundits, memes and 15-second video clips. Independent documentary storytelling like the SIMA 2022 Finalists may just be the key to uniting the collective consciousness of our planet through inspiring the empathy and truth telling needed to catalyze our world into action, together.  


SIMA 2022 Finalists are eligible for entry into SIMA’s global distribution programs: community screening series, SIMA X, and online education platform, SIMA Classroom, which reaches over 75,000 students around the globe. Now moving on to the final round of judging, they will compete for awards and cash prizes. Winners will be announced on February 10, 2022.

List of SIMA 2022 finalists: simaawards.org/2022-finalists

More information: simaawards.org


SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) is a global curator and impact media agency dedicated to advancing cross-cultural understanding, human rights and education by celebrating contemporary social-issue documentaries of excellence, screening films in communities and classrooms worldwide, and supporting content creators, educators and changemakers.


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