The 12th annual Social Impact Media Awards is honored to present this year’s finalists:



A funeral car cruises the streets of Medellín, while a young director tells the story of his past in this violent and conservative city. He remembers the pre-production of his first film, a B-movie with ghosts. The young queer scene of Medellín is cast for the film, but the main protagonist dies of a heroin overdose at the age of 21, just like many friends of the director. ANHELL69 explores the dreams, doubts and fears of an annihilated generation, and the struggle to carry on making cinema.

Director(s): Theo Montoya

Producer(s): Bianca Oana, David Hurst, Theo Montoya, Juan Pablo Castrillon

Colombia | 74 minutes

Language(s): Spanish

Subtitles: English

Between the Rains

Filmed with stunning cinematography over four years, Between the Rains explores a childhood caught within a traditional culture that is a casualty of climate change. During a period of record low rainfall in northern Kenya, the Turkana tribe faces growing violent clashes with rival tribes and encroaching wild predators hunting their livestock. Kolei, a sensitive shepherd boy whose name translates to “living amongst the goats”, questions not only his path as a warrior, but also the erosion of the culture that has shaped every aspect of his life. With unprecedented and intimate access to the Turkana people, this moving coming-of-age story reveals the grave threats facing one of the world’s oldest communities.

Director(s): Andrew H. Brown, Moses Thuranira

Producer(s): Samuel Ekomol

Kenya | 82 minutes

Language(s): Turkana, Swahili

Subtitles: English


For almost a decade (2011-2021), Donga has been recording events that are meaningful to him with his camera, among those the Libyan uprising or war against ISIS.

From everyday life to armed conflict, his insider position and personal images become a collective heritage for the people who lived the aftermath of a revolution.

Director(s): Muhannad Lamin

Libya | 90 minutes

Language(s): Arabic

Subtitles: English

Eat Bitter

Against the backdrop of the civil war in the Central African Republic, a Chinese construction manager and local African laborer work on opposite ends of the spectrum to construct a sparkling new bank. As deadlines loom, unexpected twists threaten their jobs, relationships, and plans for a better life. An eye-opening drama about these two men in their pursuit of wealth and happiness.

Director(s): Ningyi Sun & Pascale Appora-Gnekindy

Producer(s): Mathieu Faure

Central African Republic; China | 94 minutes

Language(s): Sango; Mandarin; French

Subtitles: English, French, Chinese

If the Streets Were on Fire

As youth violence rises in London, a wild and rebellious community of young people tear up the city’s streets in the name of ‘knives down, bikes up’. As they try to escape the harsh realities of street life through the brotherhood of biking, their already precarious existence is jeopardised when they are forced away from the safe spaces of central London.

Director(s): Alice Russell

Producer(s): Gannesh Rajah, Julia Nottingham

UK | 71 minutes

Language(s): English

The Eternal Memory (La Memoria Infinita)

Augusto and Paulina have been in love for 25 years, each with careers at the nexus of culture in Chile. Eight years ago, their lives were forever changed by Augusto’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Together, they face the challenge head-on with affection and a sense of humor that is their bedrock.

Director(s): Maite Alberdi

Producers: Maite Alberdi, Juan De Dios Larrain, Pablo Larrain, Rocio Jadue; Executive Producers: Marcela Santivanez, Daniela Sandoval, Nicholas Hooper, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Rebecca Lictenfeld, Sheila Nevins, Nina L. Diaz, Liza Burnett Fefferman

Chile | 84 minutes

Language(s): Spanish

Subtitles: English

Mourning In Lod

The fates of three families are inextricably intertwined in a vicious cycle of violence in the city of Lod, Israel, where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side. The outpouring of love, anger and forgiveness that follows offers a glimpse of morning light to offset a collective state of seemingly endless mourning.

Director(s): Hilla Medalia

Producer(s): Hilla Medalia, Sheila Nevins, Rotem Heyman, Hanna Abu Saada

Israel, Palestine | 73 minutes

Language(s): Arabic, Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Pay or Die

PAY OR DIE explores the crushing financial reality for millions of insulin-dependent Americans living with diabetes, as pharmaceutical companies push the price of this life-saving medication.

Director(s): Scott Alexander Ruderman, Rachael Dyer

Producer(s): Rachael Dyer, Scott Alexander Ruderman, Yael Melamede, Sheila Nevins, Trish Adlesic, Sarah Silverman, Amy Zvi, Regina K. Scully, Lauran Bromely, Douglas Choi, Dawn Bonder, Marci Wiseman, Russell Long, Sarah Lucas, Zak Kilberg, Toby Shimin

USA | 76 minutes

Language(s): English

Samuel e a Luz  (Samuel and the Light)

Samuel lives in a small fishing village on the coast of Paraty. At first, the idyllic daily life set the tone of the film. The arrival of electricity and tourism in the village enhance the deconstruction of an idealized paradise.

Director: Vinícius Girnys

Producer: Fernando Pereira dos Santos

Brazil and France | 70 minutes

Language: Portuguese

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

To Kill a Tiger

On the night of a family wedding in a village in India, Ranjit’s 13-year-old daughter is abducted and sexually assaulted by three men. Ranjit takes on the fight of his life when he demands the men be brought to justice. With tremendous access to all facets of this story, To Kill a Tiger charts the emotional journey of an ordinary man thrown into extraordinary circumstances—a father whose love for his daughter forces a social reckoning that will reverberate for years to come.

Director(s): Nisha Pahuja

Producer(s): Nisha Pahuja, Cornelia Principe, David Oppenheim

India | 127 minutes

Language(s): Hindi & Nagpuri

Subtitles: English

Twice Colonized

Aaju Peter is a force of nature. She is a renowned Greenlandic Inuit lawyer and activist who defends the human rights of Indigenous peoples of the Arctic, and a fierce protector of her ancestral lands. She works to bring her colonizers in both Canada and Denmark to justice and deploys her effusive spirit and illuminating wit to provoke self-examination and personal responsibility among Westerners for imposing their colonial ways. As Aaju launches an effort to establish an Indigenous forum at the European Union, she also embarks upon a complex and deeply personal journey to mend her own wounds, including the unexpected passing of her youngest son.

In this inspiring, emotionally powerful documentary, the beautiful lens of director Lin Alluna journeys alongside an extraordinary human being as she plumbs through the social and personal wreckage of sanctioned white dominance to find the strength within her abilities, her community, and her own vulnerabilities to transform her hardships and painful experiences into something amazing that can inspire others who also struggle with the poisonous effects of colonialism.

Director(s): Lin Alluna

Producer(s): Emile Hertling Péronard, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril,  Stacey Aglok Macdonald Producer, Bob Moore

Canada, Denmark, Greenland, Sweden | 92 minutes

Language(s): English

Subtitles: English

Who I Am Not

Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a South African beauty queen, plunges into an identity crisis after finding out she is intersex. In her quest to deal with gender dysphoria, she needs the guidance of somebody just like her.

The only person who will help is Dimakatso Sebidi, a masculine presenting intersex activist who turns out to be her complete opposite. The two parallel but divergent stories offer an intimate look at the struggle of living in a male-female world, when you are born in-between.

Director(s): Tunde Skovran

Producer(s): Andrei Zinca

South Africa | 103 minutes

Language(s): English, Sesotho, Sepedi, Xhosa, Sezulu, Tzonga, Tswana

Subtitles: English


Between Earth & Sky

For her entire professional life, renowned ecologist Nalini Nadkarni pioneered climbing techniques to study “what grows back” after an ecological disturbance in the rainforest canopy. Now, after surviving a life-threatening fall from a tree, she must turn her research question onto herself in order to understand the effects of disturbance and recovery throughout her life.

Director: Andrew Nadkarni

Producer(s): Andrew Nadkarni, Katie Schiller, Swetha Regunathan

USA, Costa Rica | 25 minutes

Language(s): English, Spanish

Subtitles: English, Spanish

میشه بغلت کنم؟ (CAN I HUG YOU?)

In the city of Qom, the most restricted city in Iran, there are many restrictions on human rights such as mandatory hijab to assure sexual safety; Hossein (M, 30) grew up in this environment and experienced multiple sexual assaults by men, despite these measures. Due to stereotypes around masculinity, he never talked about it. With the support of his wife, Elahe, he now confronts the trauma.

Director: Elahe Esmaili

Producer: Hossein Behboudi Rad

Iran | 35 minutes

Language: Farsi

Subtitles: English

Finding Alaa

The father of an ISIS terrorist responsible for the 2015 Paris Attacks searches for his grand-daughter, Alaa (5y) believed to be in a refugee camp in Northern Syria. Desperate to save his granddaughter, the way he was unable to save his son, the film explores themes of guilt and innocence, identity and belonging, as we meet the ‘other victims of ISIS’ – the families torn apart in its wake, trying to atone for crimes they never committed.

Director: Myriam Francois

France, Belgium | 25 minutes

Language(s): French

Subtitles: English

How to Carry Water

This punk rock fairytale doubles as a portrait of Shoog McDaniel — a fat, queer, and disabled photographer working in and around northern Florida’s vast network of freshwater springs, the state’s source of precious drinking water. For over a decade, Shoog’s photographs have transformed the way fat people view themselves and how a fat phobic society views fat bodies. Bringing Shoog’s photography to life, the film immerses audiences in a world of fat beauty and liberation, one in which marginalized bodies — including bodies of water — are sacred.

Director(s): Sasha Wortzel

Producer(s): Colleen Cassingham

USA | 15 minutes

Language(s): English

Into the Blue

12-year-old Tatheer embarks on a week-long Police boot camp for girls from a social housing estate in Copenhagen. Far from home, deep in the woods, she navigates grueling rituals, elusive social dynamics, and personal setbacks to find her place in this tender and revealing coming-of-age story.

Director(s): Ömer Sami

Denmark | 28 minutes

Language(s): Danish

Subtitles: English

Jack and Sam

“Jack and Sam”- a poignant documentary about two Holocaust survivors miraculously reunited after 80 years. Now in their late 90s, they are spending the precious time they have left rekindling their friendship and educating others about the dangers of hatred.

Director: Jordan Matthew Horowitz

Executive Producers: Sarah Silverman, Julianna Margulies
Producers: Andrew Carlberg, Jordan Matthew Horowitz

USA | 20 minutes

Language: English

Subtitles: English

Last Song from Kabul

The music stopped when the Taliban took over Afghanistan – it was forbidden, the penalty, death. Young girls who belonged to a music school had to go into hiding where they feared for themselves and their families. Now orphans with broken hearts, The Last Song From Kabul directed by Kevin McDonald (Oscar® winning The Last King of Scotland) tells the riveting, heroic story of their escape to Portugal where they try to rebuild their fractured lives and begin to play music again. 

Director(s): Kevin Macdonald

Producer(s): Sophie Daniel, Katie Buchanan, Sheila Nevins, Lawrence Elman, Nick Fraser, Duncan Heath, Francis Hopkinson, Jessica Lustig, Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, Nina L. Diaz, Liza Burnett Fefferman, Joe Easts

Afghanistan, Portugal | 34 minutes

Language(s): English,Dari

Subtitles: English

قناة فجأة (Suddenly TV)

In April 2019, after the fall of President Omar al-Bashir, Sudanese from across the country congregate in Khartoum to demand civilian rule. Demonstrators occupy the military headquarters. Weeks pass and the besieged protest grows into a utopian settlement with library tents, communal kitchens, concerts and health clinics. In this liminal space, a group of young revolutionaries create an imaginary television station to meet fellow protestors. What begins as play becomes an urgent conjuring of a new Sudan.

Director(s): Roopa Gogineni

Producer(s): Roopa Gogineni

Sudan | 18 minutes

Language(s): Arabic

Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

The Barber of Little Rock

The Barber of Little Rock explores America’s widening racial wealth gap through the story of Arlo Washington, a local barber whose visionary approach to a just economy can be found in the mission of People Trust, the nonprofit community bank he founded.

Director(s): Christine Turner, John Hoffman

Producer(s): Christina Avalos

USA | 35 minutes

Language(s): English

The Takeover

Filmed over the first year the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan, this film documents the country’s rapid transformation and the women who refuse to lose their rights.

Starting as the US left Afghanistan, The Takeover follows women as the country changes to fit the Taliban’s ideology, the film moves through the women’s experience, protests and daily life in the cities and countryside, and we see how restrictions on women’s basic freedoms are enforced.

Director(s): Anders Hammer

Producer(s): Anders Hammer, Charlotte Cook

Afghanistan | 33 minutes

Language(s): Dari, Pashto, English

Subtitles: English

Waking Up In Silence

Ukrainian children are confronted with their past as they explore their new home in Germany: a former Wehrmacht military barracks.

Director(s): Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi

Germany | 18 minutes

Language(s): Ukrainian, German

Subtitles: English


Brewing Change

Discover the inspiring journey of Cafe Positive, Asia’s first cafe operated by HIV+ individuals. Led by Kallol Ghosh, the cafe empowers HIV+ youth over 18 to achieve self-sufficiency while challenging stigmas surrounding AIDS. With a mission to reshape conversations and dispel misconceptions, the cafe fosters awareness and acceptance. Overcoming prejudice and customer fears, the team educates patrons on HIV transmission. Amid challenges, the cafe revels in small victories – winning over customers and fostering a community that challenges stigma, catalysing life transformations.

Director(s): Mamta Singh

Producer(s): Kimberly Gordon And Chris Annadorai

India | 22 minutes

Language(s): Bengali

Subtitles: English

Colorful Souls

“Colorful Souls” spotlights Alma de Colores, a unique restaurant and store that predominantly employs individuals with disabilities, providing them with a sense of dignity and community through the opportunity to work.

At the center of the narrative is Marta, a deaf cook at Alma de Colores. Through her story, the film showcases the impact the organization has had on the lives of the employees. Marta’s job allows her to communicate with other deaf people and to provide for her son.

Director(s) / Producer(s): Abby Cannon, Charlie Schaff

Guatemala | 38 minutes

Language(s): Spanish

Subtitles: English

Empowerment In Action: The Eco Spanish School Story

This documentary will take you on an inspiring journey through the lives of Maria and Benedicto, two extraordinary individuals whose determination, resilience, and dedication have turned adversity into opportunity. Their Eco Spanish School, once a humble dream, has blossomed into a thriving success story, and beyond their own accomplishments, Maria and Benedicto are also passionate about and actively involved in giving back to their community of San Juan La Laguna.

Director(s): Yuelin Liu

Producer(s): Izzy Soden

Guatemala | 37 minutes

Language(s): Spanish & English

Subtitles: English

Grey Power

Meet some of Tasmania’s retired professionals who are making some noise about issues close to their hearts; proving that getting older doesn’t always mean staying safe or slipping into invisibility. In fact, sometimes, it can bring with it great power.

Director(s): Lara Van Raay

Producer(s): Lara Van Raay

Tasmania | 12 minutes

Language(s): English

Subtitles: English

ifine (beauty)

Set in the Kono district of Sierra Leone, this documentary film captures the beauty of blackness through the lens of the youth coming of age amid a skin-bleaching epidemic.

Ages 13-20, these Sierra Leone natives are all impacted by the rise and popularity of skin- bleaching products targeted to their community.  From best friends torn by colorism to a Muslim girl conflicted by her religious upbringing and changing her appearance to a star athlete whose career and health are at stake due to skin bleaching, ifine follows six young people impacted by skin bleaching practices infiltrating their rural community.

While this documentary exposes billion-dollar industries preying on poverty-stricken communities by encouraging them to lighten their complexions regardless of the harmful impact on their health and psyche, this film also affirms the natural beauty of these young people and reminds them of who they are. Ifine—a Krio term that means beauty—brilliantly captures these youth and their bravery to be seen.

Director(s): Adisa Septuri, Ebony Gilbert

Producer(s): Adisa Septuri, Ebony Gilbert

Sierra Leone | 30 minutes

Language(s): Sierra Leone Creole

Subtitles: English

Ocean’s Harbor House

Since 1988, Ocean’s Harbor House in New Jersey has offered refuge, aid, and intervention for vulnerable youth and families. Through their transitional living program, one determined young woman found solace, leading to a transformative journey from hardship to newfound strength. Her experience ignited a pursuit of a brighter future and the ultimate reshaping of her destiny.

Director(s): Jacqueline Romano

Producer(s): Jacqueline Romano

USA |  6 minutes

Language(s): English

Subtitles: English

One Million Experiments

One Million Experiments is a film exploring how we define and create wellness and reduce harm in a world without police and prisons. Built out of a podcast and curated collection of community-based safety projects created in the midst of the 2020 uprising, One Million Experiments celebrates the work already happening to build solutions that are grounded in transformation instead of punishment and invites you to participate in the joyous work of liberation. We don’t need one answer to how we get free–we need one million experiments.

Director(s): Caullen Hudson

USA, Puerto Rico | 29 minutes

Language(s): English

Subtitles: English

Radio Dadaab

Dadaab, the world’s second largest refugee camp, faces a new influx of refugees. Fardowsa, a stateless journalist born and raised in the camp, becomes a voice for the voiceless through the camp’s radio station, amplifying stories of climate, migration, and hope.

Director(s): Environmental Justice Foundation

Kenya | 25 minutes

Language(s): English & Somali

Subtitles: English

The Script

Blending personal interviews with dramatized genre recreations, THE SCRIPT explores the complicated relationship between trans and nonbinary communities and medical providers regarding gender affirming care. With a playful approach toward experimentation, the film invites its participants and its audience to examine the limits of language and the nature of performance in building safe and affirming futures.

Director(s): Brit Fryer, Noah Schamus

Producer(s): Colleen Cassingham

USA | 15 minutes

Language(s): English

This Is Where I Learned Not To Sleep

Part quest for justice – part journey towards healing. Decorated Nashville cop Mark Wynn wrestles with his own violent childhood while working to reform decades of domestic violence mishandling, cover-ups, and abuse from deep within law enforcement.

“I lived with a monster. I know how this works.” With access to sensitive police trainings, the film explores the complex relationship between law enforcement and family violence and brings a nuanced dialogue on accountability in connection to crimes against women.  Lt. Wynn inspires communities – and especially men — to stand up to better support women and children victims.

Director(s): Kirsten Kelly, Anne De Mare

Producer(s): Andrew W. Schwertfeger

USA | 38 min

Language(s): English



Apu- The weeping gods

Interactive VR Experience investigating the impacts of shrinking glaciers on water quality in the Peruvian Andes. WATCH TRAILER

Director(s): Remi Sowa

Peru, Norway, UK | N/A

Language(s): Spanish, English

By bringing a poem to life I roused the machines’ souls

A short poetic film based on AI images.

Director(s): Maxime Coton, Jamil Mehdaoui

Belgium | 1 minute

Language(s): French

Subtitles: English

Dreams of Change (BackpackX)

Titled “Dreams of Change”, the story follows a young girl in Pakistan who is devastated when her village floods. She wants to help but doesn’t understand the issue fully. As she drifts off to sleep, we enter her dreamworld and follow her to the Arctic, Brazil and Jordan to learn about the effects of climate change and the scientists, farmers and activists working to make a difference.

Director(s): Maliha Abidi

Pakistan | 5 minutes

Language(s): English

Lou : Enfant (Lou : Kid)

There are as many ways to be autistic as there are autistic people. LOU – Kid/Teen lets people experience what it’s like to be in the body of an autistic child named Lou, to see and hear through his eyes and ears. Lou is a character inspired by our own children and other autistic people. This VR experience is a metaphoric interpretation, based on the life experiences that were shared with us. Several autistic people participated as actors, creators and advisors.

Director(s)/Producer(s): Martine Asselin & Annick Daigneault

Canada | 20 minutes

Language(s): French or English


Colored is a one of a kind augmented reality installation at the crossroads of theatre and digital arts.

“Take a deep breath, exhale, you are now in Montgomery in Alabama in the 1950s”: let the French author Tania de Montaigne be your guide. Adapted from her biographical essay published in 2015, winner of the 2015 Simone Veil Prize, Colored brings to life and questions a forgotten page in the history of the civil rights movement in the United States.

This experience plunges the audience into the Deep South during segregation. In the course of that journey, we meet the young Claudette Colvin, 15 years old who, on March 2, 1955, refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger. Nine months later, Rosa Parks repeated this act of defiance and became the icon that history remembers to this day…

Director(s): Pierre-Alain Giraud

Producer(s): Emanuela Righi

France | 32 minutes
Language: French

No Place But Here

No Place But Here is a 360 documentary about a precarious housing occupation in an unused Cape Town hospital. In March of 2017, the social movement Reclaim the City (RTC) occupied the government-owned former Woodstock hospital, an empty building in a rapidly gentrifying pocket of Cape Town. What began as symbolic protests against the lack of social housing in the inner-city, gentrification and the continued sale of public land to commercial developers, eventually attracted hundreds of people in need of housing. The activists from Reclaim the City named the occupation after an important figure in the struggle against Apartheid: the Woodstock occupation became Cissie Gool House. This 360 documentary will immerse the viewer in the occupation, as if they were partaking in the act of reclaiming the building. The film will showcase the voices of the activists and occupiers who call Cissie Gool House home, and will also speak to those who would rather have them gone. The medium of VR will allow for a greater empathy for these characters (often demonised in the media) and will impart a deeper understanding of what it means to occupy, especially when it is the only viable option you have.

Director(s)/Producers: Dylan Valley and Annie Nisenson

South Africa | 15 minutes

Language(s): English, Afrikaans, Xhosa


Welcome to the world of PLSTC, an undersea dystopia that submerges you in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution. Through a series of graphically confronting AI-generated and hand-composited images, this animated film confronts you with the devastating consequences of our habits on marine life and leaves you gasping for breath.

Director(s): Laen Sanches

Producer(s): Laen Sanches

France | 2 minutes


Volume I: Nyssa is inspired by the Brothers Grimm folktale and is centered around the theme of fear conditioning.

Volume II: Mahal is inspired by Philippine mythology and is centered around the theme of grief.

Volume III: Young Thang is inspired by “The Woman with Two Skins” of Southern Nigeria and is centered around the theme of code-switching.

Director(s)/ Producer(s): Michaela Ternasky-Holland & Julie Cavaliere

Germany, Philippines, Southern Nigeria | 15-18 minutes per episode

Language: English



Recognizing the centrality of storytelling to systemic change, the Disability Justice Project (DJP) trains human rights defenders with disabilities in Asia, Africa and the Pacific in documentary storytelling.


Our Better World – the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation – tells compelling stories of people doing good all over Asia to inspire action and power movements for change. OBW stories raise awareness of social purpose organisations which work tirelessly and oftentimes unnoticed, inspiring passive online audience who care about social causes to act. Through authentic and compelling stories, OBW harnesses the forces of digital media for good.


SALTY Features is an independent production company based in New York City. Their goal is to create media that is thought-provoking, vital, and enhances the world.


ikusi addresses the communication and visibility problems that non-profit organizations have in Uruguay (and, hereafter, in Latin America). “ikusi” means “seeing” in the Euskera language of the Basque region of Spain. ikusi provides communication services to non-profit organizations to help share their message.


STEPS is a Non-Profit organization, passionate about the power of documentaries to disrupt, shift and move the world around us. Their diverse projects use film to empower, start a conversation, educate and produce action around human rights and environmental issues.


Making the world a better place through documentary films. Joe Piscatella, of HERO CHASER is an award-winning documentary film director. Joe has always been drawn to stories of unlikely heroes who defy the odds to make a difference in the world.


LBx Africa is a Nairobi based production company that produces high quality Fiction and Non-fiction content. They collaborate with both local and international filmmakers to bring uniquely African perspectives to global audiences, almost always trying to have fun while at it.


Shine Global gives voice to children and their families by telling stories of their resilience to raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change.


Mission Statement Driven by the motto: Ideas + Empathy = Impact, The Nation of Artists believes in the power of creative ideas to be generated by everyone, and that by blending those ideas with empathy, our content and campaigns can have direct and sustained impact while entertaining and informing. We are asset agnostic, and believe the right length of the story is doing.


Field of Vision is a filmmaker-driven documentary unit that commissions, creates and supports original short-form and feature-length nonfiction films and episodic series about developing and ongoing stories around the globe.


Multitude Films is a queer- and women-led independent production company dedicated to telling nonfiction stories by and about historically excluded and underrepresented communities.


The Meerkat Media Worker Cooperative is a democratically run production company that produces artful and impactful films with an emphasis on narrative storytelling, visual craft, and a dedication to the highest production value.


Fishbowl Films is a full service entertainment company developing and producing projects for the big and small screen. DARE. DREAM. DISCOVER.