Our SIMAx Traveling Series brings international audiences to the front-lines of today’s global issues. Through unique partnerships and collaborations with international organizations, SIMA Ambassadors (local community leaders) and SIMA Network Partners, we host year-round screening events, film clubs and festivals that cultivate public awareness and civic engagement from the grassroots to the governmental level.

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“SIMAx is an inspirational catalyst to keep the Miami sustainable movement going!” -Blair Butterfield, SIMA Miami Ambassador

“I became a SIMA Ambassador to raise awareness about issues I care about. Changing the world is easier if you start by changing opinions in your own community.” -Vuk Višnjić, SIMA Belgrade Ambassador

“SIMAx proves just how engaging documentaries can be.” -Nicolaus Mesterharm, SIMA Cambodia Ambassador

“The world needs social change farmers and the world needs cultivators of spice but above all, the world needs those who will plant the spice in their backyards. Film is a powerful tool as it takes one through a journey to mindset change.” –Erick Matsanza, SIMA Kenya Ambassador

“SIMAx gives me a chance to inspire ideas, get great at grassroots mobilizing, expand my networks, and advocate for causes I care about, all while celebrating eye-opening cinema.” -Erinn Delise, SIMA Los Angeles Ambassador

“Documentary has the power to make us question our own thoughts and defaults and preconceptions, and challenge us to get angry when it’s called for, and move when we think something needs changing.” -Jen Horn, SIMA Berlin Ambassador