SIMA CLASSROOM is a ground-breaking current-affairs online film library for educators. Comprised of our most outstanding films that capture inspiring social innovation programs, as well as character driven stories that give students first-person insight into the pulse, the people, and the movements behind today’s global issues, SIMA Classroom is more than a dynamic teaching resource. It is a diverse and expansive “Netflix for educators,” that takes global education beyond academic walls and equips students with the skills, the mindsets, and the cultural and global competence required in our ever-changing world.

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“This has shown me what real responsibility is” – J. Winkler, Student

“From a teacher’s point of view, I couldn’t have asked for a more engaging process. I’ve never seen a class so motivated and inspired…The conversations about the films and the subjects didn’t stop when they left my classroom. They continued throughout each student’s life and crossed over into other classes. Seeing this impact is absolutely inspiring as an educator. It helped strengthen their studentship skills, broaden their perspectives, enlightened them, and educated them in various subjects. Collaborating with SIMA helped inspire my students to become responsible, global citizens who are now motivated to get involved.” – Michelle Bernstein, Faculty and Chair of the Film and Digital Media Department, New Roads School