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* You may select from all Catalogue titles at a cost per title of: FEATURE DOCUMENTARIES: $300 Institutions | $160 Non-Profits SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: $90 Institutions | $50 Non-Profits

* You can screen each title only on the date specified in your screening contract

* You can screen on DVD or Blu-Ray – depending on availability *

You must pay shipping of exhibition copies back to SIMA

* Dates and films are not confirmed until you have signed and returned your screening contract.

* You may charge admission fees for your screening event. You keep 100% of generated profits.

* Titles NOT listed in our Catalogue are not available through SIMA. You must contact the distributor or filmmaker directly for all other titles on our site.

* SIMA provides online previews, press kits, promotional and support materials for post-screening discussions. If you would like to make a booking, please fill out the SIMA SCREENING REQUEST FORM


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What are you hoping to achieve through screenings of social-issues documentaries? Are you planning to mobilize audience engagement beyond the film screening?


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“The SIMA Collection is a group of award-winning, remarkable, social-issue documentaries from around the world that are necessary viewing for anyone concerned with international affairs and human rights issues. ” – Andrew McGregor, Founder of the Tiziano Project

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