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Explore, utilize and share our annual IMPACT VIDEO FINALISTS that capture inspiring social justice, education and global development programs.


The Walls
Director: Gonzalo Escuder & Nacho Gomez
2013 | USA | Spain
14 min

Students from Washington State University visit the prison at Coyote Ridge in order to participate in a debate about gun control. The rest of the participants are the debate club members from the prison – a group of inmates that have been transformed and inspired by their new contact with education; prisoners that cling to it as their last chance for redemption.

Directors: Gonzalo Escuder & Nacho Gomez
2013 | Spain | Colombia
19 min

Don Popo’s life changes when he discovers hip-hop at the age of eleven. From that very moment, hip-hop became the tool that allowed him to dream of a more just and beautiful world: one that is full of wonderful possibilities.Through his Foundation, Familia Ayara, he tries to revive that same experience in as many kids as possible, always using hip-hop as a tool for positive action.

Director: Doreen Toutikian
2012 | Lebanon
20 min

This film captures three months of the DESMEEM project that took place in Lebanon in 2012. Designers and activists from Europe and the US traveled to Lebanon to work with local designers and activists to co-create user-centered solutions to social and environmental challenges. Each team took on one challenge and worked with a relevant local NGO to develop their research and test their prototypes.

The Story of Stuff
Director: Louis Fox
2013 | USA
21 min

The Story of Stuff is a fast paced, fact-filled look at the often hidden underside of today’s globalized systems of production and consumption. It calls on viewers to help build a more sustainable, healthy and fair system.

EXPOSED: The Rise of a Superbug
Director: Mo Scarpelli
2013 | USA | South Africa
11 min

In The Rise of a Superbug, Dr. Jayant Banavaliker, a leading TB doctor in Delhi, chronicles his daily struggle to save patients using today’s antiquated tools. The film also follows the harrowing story of Phumeza Tisile’s near-death experience with extensively drug-resistant TB, which takes place in Cape Town.

Governance for Sustainability in Hyderabad, India
Director: Marcus Mangeot
2013 | India | Germany
17 min

What does urban growth in times of climate change mean to a city and its people in an emerging country? This film concentrates on one of India’s most rapid urban growth centers – Hyderabad – and gives mentionable insights on how the inhabitants cope with food security, agricultural problems, urban sprawl, education, energy supply, as well as consumption.

Their Day In Court
Director: Sean Kelly
2012 | Canada | Jamaica
8 min

Life can be difficult for children living in the creative, but sometimes volatile, inner-city neighborhoods of Kingston, Jamaica. If an adolescent is a victim of a crime and has to go to court, the case could fall apart because the child is too frightened to testify. This is why development groups and the Jamaican government have created the ‘Children in Court’ program.

Director: Dana Gluckstein
2012 | USA
11 min

The DIGNITY film is a key component to a human rights campaign, which includes the photography exhibition, DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition, by Dana Gluckstein. DIGNITY helped create the “tipping point” for President Obama to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). This film focuses on the urgent need for the implementation of UNDRIP and continues to educate and inspire millions of people as it tours museums and cultural venues throughout Europe and the US.

Giving Hope to Drug Users in Moscow: The Andrey Rylkov Foundation
Directors: István Gábor Takács and Péter Sárosi
2012 | Hungary | Russia
20 min

“People come here to inject because they can easily run away if the police show up,” says Vova, a street outreach worker with the Andrey Rylkov Foundation (ARF). There are many hotspots that outreach workers of the ARF visit every day to provide sterile injecting equipment, condoms and other forms of help for these young people. ARF is the first and only NGO distributing clean needles and syringes among injecting drug users on the streets of Moscow – with zero government funding and support.

Rebuilding life in Haiti through empowering local initiatives
Director: Anne Lescot
2013 | France | Haiti
17 min

How do we provide effective aid to Haiti and the Haitian population? By supporting urban and rural development- its culture and, for the first time in Haiti, small entrepreneurs. This film documents the journey through these fours areas of development in Haiti by means of an innovative approach in aid distribution.

The Road Toward Palestinian Self-Determination in Development
Director: Sami Alalul
2013 | Palestine
10 min

How can Palestinians achieve self-determination in development if they don’t control their own resources? Palestinian community foundation, the Dalia Association, shows how small, unrestricted grants help communities focus on their priorities and build skills and credibility to increase impact.

Directors: Gonzalo Escuder & Nacho Gomez
2012 | UK | Spain | USA
9 min

Rashid Aslam’s life suffers a complete transformation after his father’s death. From professional gangster, he turns into a savior of lives. The Boxing Project tells the story of Rashid Aslam and his colleague Yasmin Sheikh, and how they try to have a positive influence on the lives of young kids in difficult situations.

Director: Aditi Banerjee
2011 | India
15 min

Targeted at students and teachers, this is a playful film that looks at education beyond the confines of a classroom. Children engage with the environment and have fun doing activities like composting, planting trees, recycling paper, learning about sustainable agriculture and water harvesting.

Director: Eduardo Hunter Moura
2012 | Brazil
4 min

In Rio de Janeiro an engineer fights for a sustainable future with spirited ideas and an unconventional source of energy – made from sewage.

Director: Eli A. Kaufman
2012 | USA
13 min

Students are the future, but what’s the future for students? To arm them with the relevant, timeless skills for our rapidly changing world, we need to revolutionize what it means to learn. Education innovators like Dr. Sugata Mitra (professor at MIT), Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy) and Dr. Catherine Lucey (Vice Dean of Education at UCSF), are redefining how we engage young minds for a creatively and technologically-advanced future.

Director: Rohit Shakya
2012 | Nepal
7 min

Banners to Bags is a social and environmental entrepreneurship venture based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the story of their vision to create alternatives to plastic bags by designing durable and reusable bags from waste materials.

Director: Debi Lang
2011-12 | Nepal | USA
22 min

From award-winning journalist Debi Lang comes Hearts In The Himalayas, a documentary about the extraordinary efforts of Himalayan HealthCare. The powerful film profiles the work of a tiny Nepalese NGO whom overcame a ten-year civil war to bring social change to the forgotten people living in the remote foothills in the Himalayas.

Directors: Rama Mari & Dalia Association
2012 | Palestine
10 min

In International Aid Hurts Palestinian Civil Society grassroots civil society activists discuss their experiences with international aid. Frustration and anger are evident as Palestinians explain how their work is undermined by policies and procedures imposed by international donors and NGOs. This rare insight into the specific impact of international aid policy on recipient communities will make donors and tax-paying citizens reconsider what international aid is and what it should be. Made in the run-up to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, the film is part of an advocacy campaign to reform aid led by Dalia Association.

Director: Upneet Kaur-Nagpal
2012 | UK
20 min

The documentary revolves around five fascinating individuals who were once homeless on the streets of London, and now lead the Unseen city walking tours as guides along familiar streets. The guides explore unseen aspects of iconic places in London, sharing quirky historical facts combined with personal, ‘unseen’ stories of sleeping rough in these areas – opening up cultural spaces on two distinct levels.

Director: Thibault Dufour
2012 | France
17 min

The signing of the Montreal Protocol in September 1987 launched an unprecedented global effort in the protection of the environment. To this day, it is the only universally ratified environmental treaty, uniting 198 countries in taking on the fight against man-made ozone depleting substances. In celebration of the Protocol’s 25th birthday, the film reveals this global effort grew stronger with time, bringing the world to unite and tackle a global problem.